S4A Sunrisers and Sunsetters

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MorningGames/CraftsRacket SportsDodgeballHandballIndoor Football
3:30-4:30Gymnastics & Lego ClubNerf Combat & Junk ModellingScience & Colouring Corner

Football & Modelling


Dodgeball & Cooking


4:30-5:15Parachute Games & Crafty CreationsVolleyball & Homework ClubRacket Sports & Theme DayHandball & Games HubBasketball & Games
5:15-6:00Free play & DinnerFree play & DinnerFree play & DinnerFree play & DinnerFree play & Dinner

When using childcare vouchers, or government schemes please apply the coupon code “childcare-vouchers” after adding to your cart. This will just send us the booking form, you can the go to your voucher provider to make payment.

Payment can be made to any S4A Sports 4 All Ltd account (If @ St James is not listed please use S4A Sports 4 All Ltd @ Bourton Meadow

Enrichment Clubs - Term 2
Enrichment Clubs - Term 3

Yes, childcare vouchers or tax credits can all be used. Type the code: “childcare-vouchers”, into the coupon code box, this will send us the booking form and you can make payment via. your provider to any S4A Sports 4 All Ltd @ account.

Don’t worry. If your child can’t attend for any reason, please email us at info@s4asports.co.uk and we can arrange to swap the session for you or sort a refund out.

Children can choose which activity to do when they attend.

No, our registers are fully automated and are linked to our team’s iPads. Our team will collect your child from their classroom afterschool as the registers are always fully up-to-date.

If our team needs to be aware of anything, please leave this in the notes of your booking form online.

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