Covid-19 Update

How we can help
We are and have been over the last two weeks creating contingency plans to ensure that we can provide childcare to those who still need to work in many different capacities. 
Clarity has not yet been given over what can and cannot be offered in terms of childcare. We will regularly update as things develop,
Our plans are as such 
  1. Provide childcare at schools/sports clubs/ Village halls in smaller than normal groups over the next two weeks
  2. Run camps over Easter again following the above 
  3. Offer sporting activities in two hourly blocks to help children exercise and keep structure to their days
  4. Provide childcare from your home with a structured day and routine for children to continue their learning and allow parents to work. 
  5. We will also be putting on regular fitness ideas and games on our youtube channel @ S4A Hub 
If you need any help, please do not hesitate to ask. If you have questions, worries concerns please feel free to contact me or anyone in our team anytime. 
My number is 07989 467850 

Specialising in active and creative childcare 

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At S4A we strive to create a childcare environment that allows children to pursue their interests through a wide variety of exciting activities. We pride ourselves on playing a huge part in your child’s development, helping them to become creative and open minded by providing role models in our high quality provision.
Our Ofsted accredited care settings ensure children get the highest level of childcare in a safe and secure environment giving you peace of mind.

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