Provision for schools

A fresh concept for sports and childcare provision working in partnerships with schools to deliver high quality care

Sports Provision

P.E. Provision

High quality P.E lessons taught by a familiar face

Our specialist Sports teachers provide children with the opportunity to learn new skills and develop existing ones. We provide a consistent member of our team to provide consistency and stability for your children and your school, a cost effective alternative to a full time P.E member with all the benefits. 

At S4A we are always proactive in our preparation for an Ofsted Deep Dive, with extensive research we work closely with our schools to ensure the highest possible outcome. Our lesson plans are derived from our extensive knowledge base with our 10 years plus of coaching experience, revamping old favourite activities and always discovering new ones. Our S4A Assessment Tracker provides children with a pathway from their first lesson in Reception all the way through to their last in Year 6. Weaving their skills between a range of different Sports, looking at their technical, physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses and how we can improve them. Providing a termly report to teachers, keeping them in touch with what is being taught whilst being up-skilled through the year. We can also provide training days to teachers, sharing our knowledge to up skill them in the delivery of P.E. 

Sports Co-ordinator 

We can provide your school with a P.E overview that looks at developing a range of different Sports and skill sets to provide a pathway from Reception to Year 6. Our S4A coach can offer help and guidance to achieve the next kite-mark in the School Games. Structured break and lunch time activities, along with Change4Life clubs to ensure all children have the best environment for them to enhance their skills and development.

Lunch time activities

Our S4A coach can provide your school with a break and lunchtime timetable, ensuring all years have the chance to play their favourite Sports in a structured environment, whilst keeping all the fun. The timetable may link to your school’s curriculum, giving children a chance to showcase new skills and moves they have picked up during a P.E lesson. Change4Life clubs are there to encourage those less able or confident to have access to a Sport club in a safe, free environment to learn new skills and have a positive impact on the ‘Eat Well, Move More, Live Longer’ strategy. 


Our S4A Festival Programme allows ALL children to participate in a range of different Sports throughout the school year. Inter-House competitions and events against other schools allows children to showcase their talent, whilst all children are recognised for their hard work and determination to better themselves. Our Festival will provide weekly certificates to recognise achievements, in a variety of different ways, it may be a ‘WOW’ moment, someone showing great team spirit or someone who listens brilliantly and shows a great attitude to learn. 


Holiday Clubs

Holiday Clubs

Looking for income during the holidays? Offering childcare all year round?

Holiday Clubs from 8am-6pm with hour by hour booking slots. Early Years Ofsted registered quality and multi activity timetables. Our team cares passionately about creating club during each school holiday to ensure maximum fun is had throughout.

Our team consists of a variety of skills from Cooking to Crafts and Science to Sports. To see an example of one of our holiday club timetables and booking flexibility visit our holiday camp page.

Sunrisers and Sunsetters

Wraparound Care

We understand how integral childcare is to increasing numbers on roll for schools

S4A provide childcare for those who need it on an hourly booking basis, before and after school.

Breakfast club, known to us as, ‘Sunrisers’ can start from as early as 7:30 am until school commences.

After school club, known as ‘Sunsetters’ can start from the end of the school day and finish at 6:00 pm

Early years Ofsted accredited

S4A are proud of our Ofsted accreditations take a read of our last few inspections


Finding it difficult to get teachers to run after school clubs?

Our wrap around care offers 15 clubs per week on top of the childcare giving the flexibility of Enrichment clubs and wraparound care in one place. We have a club running each morning and two clubs each evening & our games hub and craft corners are always open.

Our clubs include Science, Cooking, Sports, Sherlock Holmes, Crafts, Nerf and Dance.

Need something smaller?
We provide an hour of sporting activity through a mixture of different sports, enabling children to develop and enhance a specific set of skills through a particular sport.



Craft & Games
room always









Monday Football
Find the Gohul 
Art Attack 
Straw Skeletons
Pastel Art 
Ultimate Frisbee
Halloween Origami
Junk Modelling
Trick or Treat Hunt
Science Experiments
Tuesday Halloween Rock painting
Games club
Vampire vs Wolves Dodgeball
S4A Science Club

Martial Arts 
Lego Challenge 
Mask Masking 

Crazy Golf 
Pumpkin Craving
Nerf Combat

Wednesday Cooking 
Nerf Combat
Ghost Rockets
Mummy sewing
Adventure Play 

Design a mummy
Table Tennis

S4A’s Got Talent
Just Dance 
Thursday Bug Hunting 
Den Building 
Pumpkin Golf 
Card Trading 
Create a monster 
Crazy Golf 
Indoor Cricket 
Ultimate Uno 
Halloween Party Games 
Halloween Disco 
S4A Ultimate Quiz 
Friday Tennis  
Pumpkin Bowling 
Arts Attack 
Halloween Lanterns  
S4A Dragon’s Den 
Halloween Bingo

Art Club 
Halloween Movie 






Monday Rounders & Bug Hunting UNO & Just Dance  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Tuesday Dodgeball & Crafty Creations Computer Club & Board Games Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Wednesday Football & Lego  Handball & Loom Bands  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Thursday Cricket & Orienteering  Mini Games & Junk Modelling  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Friday Archery & Science Club  Outdoor Free Play  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play