Delivering high quality P.E provision, trusted by local school and approved by children. Offering a diverse range of activities aimed at engaging and inspiring young people.

• Wraparound care 
S4A provide childcare for those who need it on an hourly booking basis, before and after school.

Breakfast club, known to us as, ‘Sunrisers’ can start from as early as 7:30 am until school commences.

After school club, known as ‘Sunsetters’ can start from the end of the school day and finish at 6:00 pm.

• Early morning sports sessions
At S4A we believe in starting the day right. An early morning sports session is proven to improve focus in class. We provide daily or weekly morning club sessions that get children active.

• P.E provision 
Our specialist sports teachers provide children with the opportunity to learn new skills and develop existing ones.
Lesson plans are derived from our extensive knowledge base with our 10 years of coaching experience, which teachers have access to, so they can stay in touch with what is being taught in lessons. There is also opportunity for us to provide training days to teachers, to up skill them in the delivery of PE.

• Lunch time activities
To encourage those less able to have access to a sport club in a safe, free environment to learn new skills and have a positive impact on the “eat well, move more, live longer” through change4life.

• After School Clubs
We provide an hour of sporting activity through a mixture of different sports, enabling children to develop and enhance a specific set of skills through a particular sport.