A fresh concept for sports and childcare provision working in partnerships with schools to deliver high quality care

We have been using S4A to provide our wrap around care for two years and are very happy with the service they provide. Matt is very flexible with the sessions offered to parents and this is well received. Sessions are fun with a variety of activities that capture the interest of all ages. Communication is good between us and S4A and equally between S4A and parents. S4A provide a good quality service, both daily and on Inset days, which helps our parents in lots of ways.

– Mrs K. Eales, Roundwood Headteacher

S4A have been delivering PE sessions at Padbury since April 2019. Every member of the team I have worked with here, and previously in other schools, are professional, skilled and reliable. They deliver high-quality PE lessons which the children enjoy. Staff have commented on how quickly the S4A staff have been able to identify strengths in pupils and areas needing further development.  The S4A team all have a consistent way of working so it does not matter which member of staff you deal with. Staff performance is regularly monitored and reviewed by the S4A team. This means as a headteacher, I know the quality of PE is strong and will remain strong. Communication is excellent and wherever possible, Matt is flexible to meet the needs of the school.

– Mrs McFarlane, Padbury CE Headteacher

Sunrisers & Sunsetters

• Wraparound care

We understand how integral childcare is to increasing numbers on roll for schools 

S4A provide childcare for those who need it on an hourly booking basis, before and after school.

Breakfast club, known to us as, ‘Sunrisers’ can start from as early as 7:30 am until school commences.

After school club, known as ‘Sunsetters’ can start from the end of the school day and finish at 6:00 pm

Early years Ofsted accredited

S4A are proud of our Ofsted accreditations take a read of our last few inspections




Finding it difficult to get teachers to run afterschool clubs?

Our wrap around care offers 15 clubs per week on top of the childcare giving the flexibility of Enrichment clubs and wraparound care in one place. We have a club running each morning and two clubs each evening & our games hub and craft corners are always open.

Our clubs include Science, Cooking, Sports, Sherlock Holmes, Crafts, Nerf and Dance.

• Need something smaller?
We provide an hour of sporting activity through a mixture of different sports, enabling children to develop and enhance a specific set of skills through a particular sport.

Sports Provision

• P.E provision 

High quality P.E lessons taught by a familiar face

An S4A coach who attends your school is there to stay. We know how important it is for schools to have a consistent member of staff. A cost effective alternative to a full time P.E member with all the benefits.
Our specialist sports teachers provide children with the opportunity to learn new skills and develop existing ones. Being prepared for an Ofsted Deep Dive is a priority for us, with extensive research we work with schools to ensure the highest possible outcome.
Lesson plans are derived from our extensive knowledge base with our 10 years of coaching experience, giving teachers access to all lesson plans, reports and parent evening comments allowing them to stay in touch with what is being taught whilst being upskilled through the year. There is also opportunity for us to provide training days to teachers, to up skill them in the delivery of PE.

Sports Co-ordinator 

Looking for a complete overview of sports or an hour a week training up your curriculum lead we offer bespoke options for each school to fit in with your plans. If your looking for the next kitemark or a structed view on developing children from Foundation to preparing for secondary school then S4A can be trusted to work with you to provide your school everything you need.

• Lunch time activities
To encourage those less able to have access to a sport club in a safe, free environment to learn new skills and have a positive impact on the “eat well, move more, live longer” through change4life.


A festival that involves every student in the school each year…

A festival which allows intra and inter house/school participation….

A festival which show of achievements of ALL students…

A festival which rewards each child for their effort…

Our program is inclusive to show off achievements of all students throughout the year.

Holiday Clubs

Holiday Clubs

Looking for income during the holidays?

Offering childcare all year round?

Making your school as attractive as possible to potential students. 

Holiday Clubs from 8am-6pm with hour by hour booking slots. Early Years Ofsted registered quality and multi activity timetables. Our team cares passionately about creating club during each school holiday to ensure maximum fun is had throughout.


Our team consists of a variety of skills from Cooking to Crafts and Science to Sports. To see an example of one of our holiday club timetables and booking flexibility visit our holiday camp page.