Overstone 16th-20th May 2022 Week 10

16th-20th May 2022

We are delighted to be a part of Overstone School!

We run a Sunrisers club from 7:30-8:45  and a Sunsetters Club from 3:10-6:00pm Every day

S4A Sunrisers

  • Breakfast is served from 7:30-8:00.
  • Children will have access to a range of Crafts and Games.
  • You can drop off at a time that suits you.

S4A Sunsetters

  • At Our Sunsetters (After School Clubs) we run 2 clubs throughout the evening. 
  • We run our first club as an after school club from 3:10-4:30
  • We run our second club from 4:30-5:00
  • From 5:00-6:00 we have a range of crafts and games available to the children.
  • Our wraparound care clubs are not just for children who need childcare! Children are allowed to attend if they want to attend of our after school clubs.
  • Your child also does not have to take part in the after school clubs if they do not wish as we have our games, crafts and provision available to them for the whole duration.
  • We would recommend providing your child with a snack for our after school clubs (they will have this upon arrival to our clubs.)
  • You can also purchase a light meal option every evening for a small charge and that will always be served at 5:00.

Childcare Vouchers

  • We accept all childcare vouchers at our clubs! To use your childcare vouchers just type “childcare-vouchers” into the coupon code and fill out the booking form. Then go to your voucher company to make payment


Monday Overstone

Monday Sunrisers

Monday Overstone

Monday Sunsetters

Tuesday Overstone

Tuesday Sunrisers

Tuesday Overstone

Tuesday Sunsetters

Wednesday Overstone

Wednesday Sunrisers

Wednesday Overstone

Wednesday Sunsetters

Thursday Overstone

Thursday Sunrisers

Thursday Overstone

Thursday Sunsetters

Friday Overstone

Friday Sunrisers

Friday Overstone

Friday Sunsetters



Craft & Games
room always









Monday Football
Find the Gohul 
Art Attack 
Straw Skeletons
Pastel Art 
Ultimate Frisbee
Halloween Origami
Junk Modelling
Trick or Treat Hunt
Science Experiments
Tuesday Halloween Rock painting
Games club
Vampire vs Wolves Dodgeball
S4A Science Club

Martial Arts 
Lego Challenge 
Mask Masking 

Crazy Golf 
Pumpkin Craving
Nerf Combat

Wednesday Cooking 
Nerf Combat
Ghost Rockets
Mummy sewing
Adventure Play 

Design a mummy
Table Tennis

S4A’s Got Talent
Just Dance 
Thursday Bug Hunting 
Den Building 
Pumpkin Golf 
Card Trading 
Create a monster 
Crazy Golf 
Indoor Cricket 
Ultimate Uno 
Halloween Party Games 
Halloween Disco 
S4A Ultimate Quiz 
Friday Tennis  
Pumpkin Bowling 
Arts Attack 
Halloween Lanterns  
S4A Dragon’s Den 
Halloween Bingo

Art Club 
Halloween Movie 






Monday Rounders & Bug Hunting UNO & Just Dance  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Tuesday Dodgeball & Crafty Creations Computer Club & Board Games Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Wednesday Football & Lego  Handball & Loom Bands  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Thursday Cricket & Orienteering  Mini Games & Junk Modelling  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Friday Archery & Science Club  Outdoor Free Play  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play