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PE Provision

Could S4A be exactly what your school needs to reach the next level? 

Here’s what we do and why, and if you believe we could be the missing piece to your school then please do not hesitate to arrange a meeting via the form at the bottom to discuss further.

We’ve been inspiring children through sports, creativity and play since 2007 and are extremely passionate about supporting children to learn new skills, develop existing ones and help take them to their next level. 

We have been fortunate enough to have been welcomed into many schools across Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire and we pride ourselves on providing the very best wraparound care and PE provision possible. 

We provide a cost effective alternative to a full time P.E member with all the benefits, ensuring your pupils receive specialist sports coaching and by a consistent member of our team to bring stability, trust and therefore the knowledge to really get the most out of each child and their P.E progress.

S4A Lesson Planning

Our lesson plans are derived from our extensive knowledge base, with 13 years of coaching experience, revamping old favourite activities and always discovering new ones.  

We plan each lesson from our own curriculum which we follow throughout the company. This ensures that each child S4A teach make consistent progress and endless fun.

Ready to find out more?

S4A Assessment Tracker

From extensive lesson preparation and planning, our own personalised S4A assessment tracker where we feedback to each pupils teacher for the end of year reports and sports coordination across the whole school, we really do have you covered. We love to take the pressure off and provide a solution where any added pressure is removed from your staff members, providing a short and long term Physical Education Plan – whilst also helping out in other areas of the school day too where necessary, utilising the time you’ve got us for. (We aren’t afraid to get stuck in!)

S4A assessment tracker - Sheet1-page-001

Sports Coordinator

As Sports coordinator of your school we can take away all the addedpressure off your staff members to provide you with a short and long term Physical Education plan.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we can provide for your school

 ■ P.E curriculum that develops children from Reception right the way through to Year 6.

 ■ Manage the Sports premium funding alongside the school, providing reports and evidence of what the money has been spent on to help improve P.E.

 ■ Help your school achieve their targets in the school awards. 

■ Manage the use of equipment that the school offers for all staff to provide children with the best resources for their development.

■ Organise break and lunch time activities for children to participate in competitive Sports, as well as provide a Change4Life club to help encourage those who may struggle for confidence in Sport.


■ Inter-house competitions within the school for children to challenge themselves. 

■ Increase the quality of SEN focus in P.E by working alongside our SEN Lead at S4A. 

■ Link to the S4A Festival Programme, where you will be competing against other schools in organised fixtures, multiple school tournaments and inter house practice. 

■ Prepare you for an Ofsted deep dive in P.E, so you can be confident of achieving the best outcome.

 ■ Organise and deliver CPD training to up-skill teachers and keep them in touch with what we are currently doing in P.E across the board.


Next Steps

As you can see what we can bring to your school is extensive and hugely beneficial to not just your school and your staff members but most importantly to the children and in a variety of ways – as well as Sports provision we are also able to lead Forest School, and of course you also have the opportunity to use our renowned wraparound care services too – sunrisers and sunsetters, ensuring your pupils have a wonderful start to their day and a happy end to their day too. 

Please see below the ‘next steps’ process. If you’d like to discuss further how S4A might be the perfect fit for your school, please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our team will arrange the initial meeting to see how we may be able to move forwards together. 

Step 1:

Initial Meeting

We will meet for an informative meeting to for you to see the benefits S4A can provide to your school.

Step 2:

Coming up with a plan

We will then create a clear plan for with a clear vision that will be tailored for your school.

Step 3:

Starting the process

We will then create a contract with the hours and package your school would require and agree a start date.

Step 4:

Road to success

We will begin teaching the provision at your school and bring stability, trust and knowledge to really get the most out of each child in PE.

Are we what your school needs?

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Craft & Games
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Monday Football
Find the Gohul 
Art Attack 
Straw Skeletons
Pastel Art 
Ultimate Frisbee
Halloween Origami
Junk Modelling
Trick or Treat Hunt
Science Experiments
Tuesday Halloween Rock painting
Games club
Vampire vs Wolves Dodgeball
S4A Science Club

Martial Arts 
Lego Challenge 
Mask Masking 

Crazy Golf 
Pumpkin Craving
Nerf Combat

Wednesday Cooking 
Nerf Combat
Ghost Rockets
Mummy sewing
Adventure Play 

Design a mummy
Table Tennis

S4A’s Got Talent
Just Dance 
Thursday Bug Hunting 
Den Building 
Pumpkin Golf 
Card Trading 
Create a monster 
Crazy Golf 
Indoor Cricket 
Ultimate Uno 
Halloween Party Games 
Halloween Disco 
S4A Ultimate Quiz 
Friday Tennis  
Pumpkin Bowling 
Arts Attack 
Halloween Lanterns  
S4A Dragon’s Den 
Halloween Bingo

Art Club 
Halloween Movie 






Monday Rounders & Bug Hunting UNO & Just Dance  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Tuesday Dodgeball & Crafty Creations Computer Club & Board Games Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Wednesday Football & Lego  Handball & Loom Bands  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Thursday Cricket & Orienteering  Mini Games & Junk Modelling  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Friday Archery & Science Club  Outdoor Free Play  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play