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Grendon FAQ

During Term Time when does dinner have to be booked by?
Booking for dinners must be before Thursday 9am

What does my child(ren) need to bring to camp?
A packed lunch, full drinks bottle, snacks for morning & afternoon snack times, suitable clothing for the weather.

Can my child(ren) swap between activities?
Yes, your child(ren) can swap between activities as they wish throughout the day. We also have games & crafts station always open as well as outside (dependant on weather).

Can I use my childcare vouchers/tax credits?
Yes, type childcare-vouchers into the coupon box when booking, this will generate your order, you can then find us with your voucher company by typing S4A Sports 4 All Ltd

What age group can attend camp?
We can accept children from aged 4-13 (end of school year 8)