Bourton Meadow

Holiday Club


This option is limited to children aged between 5-13 who  receive Benefit Related Free School Meals 

The HAF programme is funded by the Department for Education to provide additional support to eligible families to access holiday activities.  Children who are eligible for Benefit related Free School Meals can book places below by choosing 4 out of the 6 days they want to attend.


Bourton Meadow Holiday Club FAQ

Where do I go for BMA Holiday Club? 
We are located through the reception double doors in the school.

What does my child(ren) need to bring to our holiday club?
A packed lunch, full drinks bottle, snacks for morning & afternoon snack times, suitable clothing for the weather.

Can my child(ren) swap between activities?
Yes, your child(ren) can swap between activities as they wish throughout the day. We also have games & crafts station always open as well as outside (dependant on weather).

Can I use my childcare vouchers/tax credits?
Yes, type childcare-vouchers into the coupon box when booking, this will generate your order, you can then find us with your voucher company by typing S4A Group Ltd

What age group can attend holiday club?

We can accept children from aged 4-13 (end of school year 8)

S4A Camps 2020 Safety 

S4A have been working hard to plan and implement safe practice across our 2020 summer holiday clubs in line with the ‘new norm’ that we all currently face.

S4A are one of the only activity providers in the region who operate as a Ofsted registered childcare provider. You can be rest assured that our service will be of the highest safety standards. 

We have been working with schools and key worker children over the last few months and will be following all guidelines for clubs on our secure and safe premises. 

Policies and Procedures

Prior to camps reopening amendments to our current policies and procedures have been completed. 

Numerous policies have been amended to ensure best safe practice in line with COVID-19. This includes:

  • Safeguarding 
  • Fire and Evacuation
  • Venue specific risk assessments
  • Sport specific risk assessments

In light of the current ‘new norm’, the following policies have been created:

  • COVID-19 
  • Effective Cleaning of Equipment and Facilities 
  • Social Distancing Guidance

Team Training

All team members will complete training before we provide our services during the summer holidays. This includes:

  • Instruction on updated policies and procedures
  • Training on new policies and procedures
  • Infection prevention and control online course
  • COVID-19 safe coaching for children’s physical activity providers

S4A has a duty of care to all team members, particularly for their mental and physical health. We will therefore ensure that each team member is physically and mentally well and able to perform their duties effectively.

Camps Delivery 

The safety of the children and everyone who is involved in the operating of our school holiday provision, is paramount to us. 

We have made numerous changes to our delivery protocol, and they will remain in place until further notice: 


  • Timetabling 

The usual, flexible options for S4A bookings will be put on hold for the time being. This means that we will be unable to take daily bookings and our operating times will change slightly. You will only be permitted to make your booking for the whole week. 

  • Venue Capacity 

S4A will restrict the number of children able to attend each week and we will operate in bubbles of  15 children. 


  • Prior to camp

Equipment will be cleaned and bagged at the office before being delivered to S4A venues. 

Programmed timetables and planning at all venues will include sports and activities that are inclusive but practice social distancing.

PPE will be purchased for each venue and will be left to team member discretion if they want to use it when delivering. PPE will be worn when dealing with all incidents that require first aid.  

  • Arriving at S4A Camps 

Arriving at Active Camps will still look the same. You will see our banners, signs and flags on display. 

In line with Government guidelines, social distancing measures will be implemented. Parents/ guardians/ carers and children will be reminded to stand the required distance apart which will be marked clearly.

A team member will test your child’s temperature on arrival. Any child with a temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius or greater will unfortunately not be permitted to attend camp and will be advised to follow government guidance for self-isolation. 

The team member checking the temperatures of the children will be dressed in PPE.

You will be required to use hand sanitiser before entering the sign in area. We will work in a one-way system for the sign in/out process. 

  • During Camp 

At the start of each day, it will be the responsibility of the team to clean the equipment that will be used. Antibacterial wipes and other necessary cleaning products will be provided at each site.

At the start of each activity, all children and team members will either wash their hands (following Public Health handwashing guidance) or use hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser or a wash station will also be made available. Used paper towels will be disposed of in the bins provided. Bins will be emptied at the end of each day. 

When possible, sign in/out will be completed outside to reduce the number of people entering a venue building. If sign in/out is required to take place inside, restrictions will be in place to limit the amount of the people in the sign in/out area. 

  • Leaving Camp

When leaving S4A Camps, you will be asked to wait outside the venue and observe the social distance measures we have in place. Parents/ guardians / carers will be allowed into the venue in small numbers to collect your child. The previously mentioned hygiene practices will be observed. 

Children will be sat in their bubble and will be called by their team member once they have been signed out.

Coordinators and team members will use walkie talkies where required. When weather permits, the sign out process will be completed outside with each team member responsible for signing out their group. 

  • End of the Day

All equipment will be checked, cleaner and stored away in locked storerooms overnight. Waste bins will be emptied and bin bags replaced.

S4A team members will sanitise their hands prior to leaving the building.

We understand that things are different but we hope that by putting this in place you can be assured we are doing everything to keep your children safe and provide them with a fantastic summer camp experience. 



Craft & Games
room always









Monday Football
Find the Gohul 
Art Attack 
Straw Skeletons
Pastel Art 
Ultimate Frisbee
Halloween Origami
Junk Modelling
Trick or Treat Hunt
Science Experiments
Tuesday Halloween Rock painting
Games club
Vampire vs Wolves Dodgeball
S4A Science Club

Martial Arts 
Lego Challenge 
Mask Masking 

Crazy Golf 
Pumpkin Craving
Nerf Combat

Wednesday Cooking 
Nerf Combat
Ghost Rockets
Mummy sewing
Adventure Play 

Design a mummy
Table Tennis

S4A’s Got Talent
Just Dance 
Thursday Bug Hunting 
Den Building 
Pumpkin Golf 
Card Trading 
Create a monster 
Crazy Golf 
Indoor Cricket 
Ultimate Uno 
Halloween Party Games 
Halloween Disco 
S4A Ultimate Quiz 
Friday Tennis  
Pumpkin Bowling 
Arts Attack 
Halloween Lanterns  
S4A Dragon’s Den 
Halloween Bingo

Art Club 
Halloween Movie 






Monday Rounders & Bug Hunting UNO & Just Dance  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Tuesday Dodgeball & Crafty Creations Computer Club & Board Games Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Wednesday Football & Lego  Handball & Loom Bands  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Thursday Cricket & Orienteering  Mini Games & Junk Modelling  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play
Friday Archery & Science Club  Outdoor Free Play  Games, Crafts, Outdoor play